Low Interest Rate Credit Cards: Telling the Good from the Bad

There are several credit card companies that offer low interest rate credit cards. However, along with low interest rates, the best credit cards offer combinations that include low interest rate on balance transfers and purchases, 0% introductory APR for a fixed period of time, low or no annual fees, cash back percentages that vary from 1% to 5%, reward programs, and/or reduced cash advance fees. A good low interest credit card strives to keep the user’s cost of borrowing as low as possible. If a low rate credit card assesses a hefty transaction fee, it offsets any benefits that may have otherwise accrued to a cardholder.

The credit rating of an applicant is taken into consideration for deciding the time period of the introductory APR of 0% and the balance that it will be applicable to. People with excellent credit rating can avail the lowest interest rates that a company offers. The cash backs can be had at places such as supermarkets, drugstores, and gas stations.

It is useful to compare the fixed/variable interest rates applicable with the various credit cards after the introductory period. Fixed interest rate credit cards often offer better value to the users. Factors such as the length of the grace period, late fees, etc. should be compared for low interest rate credit cards. There are several online resources that offer detailed comparisons and reviews of low interest credit cards. These should be referred to get an idea regarding the type of low interest credit card best suited to an individual’s requirements.

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A good low interest credit card from a reputed credit card company is universally accepted. Low interest credit card offers from companies such as Discover, Chase, HSBC, First Premier, and similar companies are considered to be among the best.

An important aspect to be aware of is that the simple interest rate advertised may not be the effective interest rate. The effective interest rate is a compounded interest rate inclusive of annual fees, if any. Also, it is important to ensure that the low rate of interest is not liable to change any time soon. In order to avoid signing up for a credit card that is not really a low interest credit card, it is best to read the fine print carefully and ask questions before submitting the signed application.

Switching to a low interest credit card can help save hundreds of dollars for individuals who are in the habit of carrying a balance each month. Credit cards that offer a 0% interest rate on balance transfers offer an excellent opportunity for settling credit card debt without having to pay interest on it.

An important indication of a genuine low interest credit card is that it will not charge any superfluous fees such as enrollment fees from applicants with perfect credit; such fees are usually reserved for high-risk applicants with bad credit.


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