My Forex Stretegy will make you 20-40% Monthly!

You have found the right one! My Forex Strategy have prove to pay a return of 40-100% per month for more then two years now. I have decided to open up for new managed forex accounts.

Don’t you feel safe about transferring all your savings to a stranger?

Most Forex program required you to transfer the money you want to have traded the their account. In this way you don’t have much control over your money and you have to trust the Forex managers to pay you the profit. Most of the time you don’t see your money again.

I don’t ask you to send any money to me at all! My Forex Managed Program works different, You set up your own account with any MT4 broker and give me access to trade the account. By the end of the month you pay me the profit. Yes that’s correct. You are the one with the control over the money. You never have to trust a Forex manager again for getting your profit. Since the money is in your account I can not take out any of the money!

What is your trading strategy and how does it work?

I use a combination of a break-out system and a intra-day trading system to getting the results. Part of the system is running on an EA (automated forex trading program) and part is manually trading. You can not buy the EA, and I never put it up for sale.


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